Georgia Faye Couch was the name of my
maternal grandmother. She was diagnosed with breast
cancer in 1973. She was given six months to live.
My mother was pregnant with me at the time. Being the
last of eight grandchildren, Georgia told her Doctor that
she was not leaving until she met me. During a time when
there was no Internet and information was hard to find, my
mother searched for answers in the alternative field. As
children we grew up frequently visiting locally owned health
food stores throughout the Austin area. Through the use
of supplements, juicing and whole foods in addition to conventional treatments I spent 12 wonderful years with a wonderful and strong woman! My beloved grandmother passed away in 1985.
Our Name:
Owner: Darla has 12 years experience working in the field of Natural Health. She has worked in a health food store as well as being self-employed providing nutritional consultations. Darla received her Certified Natural Health Professional certification in 2007. Darla went on to complete the required courses to receive a degree in Comprehensive Nutrition from Huntington College of Health Sciences through their fully accredited distance-learning program. After completing the required internship, she sat for the national exam to earn her Certified Nutritionist license in 2008.
Darla Carrillo CN, CNHP:
                                         Owner: Having over 20 years experience working in the medical field, Brent is currently a full-time paramedic for Williamson County EMS. Brent not only has experience working on the ambulance, but he has also worked in Emergency Rooms, and Imaging Centers. Brent has recently added to his medical education by taking Critical Care Paramedic classes. He is also a state certified EMS Instructor. Brent received his Certified Natural Health Professional certification in 2007. Through natural health classes, he took an interest in Iridology and other natural health modalities. His extensive knowledge of the medical field combined with his natural health education makes Brent a great asset to Georgia’s Naturals.
Brent Carrillo CNHP:
Donna works behind the scenes to help keep the store running. She is usually doing bookkeeping, stock or ordering. Donna has a background in dental health.
Donna Sheffield: Office Manager:

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